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Michigan’s Task Force On Juvenile Justice Reform Approves Comprehensive Blueprint For Transforming Juvenile Justice Statewide

The Michigan Task Force on Juvenile Justice Reform met to approve a comprehensive set of consensus-based recommendations to transform Michigan’s juvenile justice system. These recommendations are based on an unprecedented assessment of Michigan’s juvenile justice system and are grounded in what research shows works to improve community safety, reduce disparities, and improve youth outcomes.

The approved recommendations establish a statewide blueprint for aligning policies and practices across the juvenile justice continuum with research and best practice, including:

  • Expanding diversion opportunities for youth who are not a public safety risk.
  • Creating a statewide juvenile public defense system and best practice standards.
  • Increasing funding for effective community-based programs, including alternatives to incarceration, and tying funding to evidence-based practices.
  • Adopting data-driven tools to guide diversion, court, and detention decisions.
  • Strengthening standards and quality assurance for local probation practices and statewide residential programs.
  • Expanding data collection to measure system performance, outcomes, and equity.
  • Establishing a statewide advisory board of youth and families impacted by the system to help guide ongoing system improvements.

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