Juvenile Justice Collaboration & MAFCA Workgroups

Collaboration Meeting

The MJDA, JJAM, and MAFCA Executive Boards are meeting together in Lansing on May 12. The discussion will include finding ways to support and collaborate with each other as organizations to better serve youth and families who come through our collective doors.

A joint conference is also being considered and discussed.

MAFCA Juvenile Justice Reforms Workgroups

MAFCA workgroups to begin implementation of anticipated Juvenile Justice Reforms are beginning to meet. Workgroups include:

  1. Child Care Fund
  2. Diversion and Consent Calendar
  3. Post-Adjudication Risk and Needs Assessment
  4. Detention and Residential Screening Tool
  5. Probation Standards and Quality Assurance

If anyone has questions regarding the workgroups or would like to volunteer, they should contact Thom Lattig.


Recent News

Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars for MAFCA’s 2024 events including the Winter Conference, Spring Training Event with NCJFCJ, Summer Conference, and the first-ever Michigan Joint Juvenile Justice Conference. Essential gatherings for those involved in juvenile justice and family court systems.

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