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Macomb County Juvenile Court Focuses on Treatment Over Punishment

A recent article in The Macomb Daily highlights the ongoing efforts of Macomb County’s juvenile court system to focus more on rehabilitation and treatment rather than punishment for youth offenders.

Juvenile division leaders Nicole Faulds and David Joseph discussed the changes at a recent Tri-County Summit. Since 2015, officials have implemented new risk and trauma assessments and have tailored programming to target specific needs of each youth. This treatment-focused approach has lowered the detention rate to around 5% and aims to address root causes and change behavior rather than merely punish. Officials report positive results so far.

Amid COVID-19, they have also seen concerning rises in anxiety, depression, and violence among youth. Faulds testified to the state Senate in support of reforms like eliminating discretionary fees that can financially burden families. Read more details about Macomb County’s juvenile justice transformation in the full Macomb Daily article.

Read the full article on Macomb County’s progressive approach to rehabilitating youth offenders rather than punitive measures on The Macomb Daily website.


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